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The following is a collection of lab pictures that have been digitized. These tiny images are linked to larger images. Click on the thumbnails to fetch the larger version. For Lynx users, place the cursor over the alternate text and press 'd'. For other viewers, please refer to your documentation.


(Left) Nomarski-DIC micrograph showing exposed neuronal cell bodies and a recording pipette sealed to ASER. Anterior is down.
(Right) Fluorescence micrograph of the same field as (left), showing the GFP label in ASER. In both, the intact membrane patch is visible inside the pipette.
GFP fusion with ceh-23.
A composite image created by merging a DIC micrograph with a fluorescence micrograph of the same field. This transgenic strain was kindly provided by the Bargmann lab at UCSF and expresses a gene fusion between ceh-23 and GFP. Labelled cells include chemosensory neurons whose anterior processes project to amphid receptors on the nose.
About Face
This video is from a chemical trampoline step assay which shows two changes in chemical concentration (40 mM NaCl to 0 mM and 0 mM to 40 mM NaCl) and the worm's behavioral response to changes in concentration.
Worm fixed to slide.
A C. elegans after it has been fixed to a slide.

Motion Tracker Video
C. elegans moving on an agarose plate as captured by a worm-tracker (Pierce-Shimomura, 1999).

Recordings from Worms

Diversity of Currents
A sampling of current recordings from C. elegans.
A worm track in a gradient.
A time-track of an N2 (wild type) worm doing chemotaxis in a chloride gradient.


Simple Nematode May Give Navy a New Way to Find Mines.
Comparison of worm and robot.
A robot model of chemotaxis of a nematode worm. Schematic representations of a, the nematode, and b, the robot, showing how sensory and motor systems correspond. Signal intensity is detected at a point x, y; the direction of movement theta is controlled by head angle and the speed v vector by body thrust.
Reprinted from Barbara Webb (2002). "Robots in invertebrate neuroscience." Nature 417:359-363.

People Pictures
Pictures from the 2002 ION Retreat at Coos Bay.

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